An ordinary but boring day in Shanghai lockdown

Woke up by alarm clock, or ‘googoo…’ chirps of turtle doves, or yelling of a community staff. He was yelling out, ‘All residents wake up now, take a covid RA test.’ He was using a loudspeaker to shout.

Sometimes I had to wake up at 5:50AM to purchase food online using my smartphone. Buying via apps was one of a few ways to get food. Hundreds of thousands of people woke up at about 6:00AM to grab food online. Making a successful order was a big challenge, you must click the ‘submit’ button on the smartphone screen extremely rapidly, and you must have enough luck. I could make it 1 out of 3 times, it seemed my luck was not bad.

Although I could get food via smartphone apps or community group purchases, I had to make a plan for food consumption carefully in case of food shortage.

I was growing porret and garlic sprouts at home, just like Matt Damon growing potatoes on Mars in the movie ‘The Martian’.

Porret and garlic sprouts were growing well, just as my hair was.  I haven’t had a haircut for nearly 50 days. The hair is so long that I have already had no interest in taking care of it.

I worked from home everyday. All I could do was taking online meetings, reading and writing of working docs, and communicating with clients and partners online.

Company business nearly came to a stop. New contract couldn’t be signed because express delivery stopped. New deal couldn’t be invoiced. New business opportunities couldn’t be pushed and followed.

Sincere greetings came to me from my dear friends at home or from abroad, which warmly comforted me. Friendship is always an invaluable treasure for me.

It was mere fun to get down the apartment and have a walk in the small residential zone. I’d like to have a close look at green leaves, colorful flowers. I could look into the sky and enjoyed the changing and dancing of those beautiful clouds. If the lockdown continued, I would get to know clearly how many trees and flowers there were around.

I found a dandelion and walked close to it. Gave a puff to it, the seeds fled away. I made the seeds free. 

You know, freedom is oxygen for a nation, for an individual. Freedom is priceless.