Shanghai lockdown 2022

Lockdown is not called ‘lockdown’, but ‘static state’. That’s a newspeak.

At the end of March 2022, Shanghai entered into so-called ‘static state’ because of Covid-19 outbreak. ‘Static state’ meant the overall operation of a city was paused. Since the city of Shanghai was founded, there had been no such state until 2022.

Market almost disappeared in lockdown. People suddenly fell into a state short of food, medicine and other everyday goods. It was great luck for you to make an order successfully using online shopping apps like ‘Hema’, ‘Dingdong’ and others. Group purchases online helped a lot to get food. Many of those elderly who were incapable of using smartphones were in the danger of starvation. Some free food and necessary goods were delivered to residents by officials, but far from enough.

People had to take a covid test nearly everyday. RATs or qPCR, time and time again.

Covid RAT

Bad news, sad news poured into your eyes and ears everyday. Mood was so low that there was no will for you to check social media anymore.

Enterprises had no way to restore business. Great loss of economics was doomed.

Tough ‘Dynamic Zero-Covid’ policy was being carried out in China , and there was no sign that the policy would be canceled. So sad.

A song sang that ‘…He announced with dignity that only purity would be left to you. He was still in need of salutes even if there was nothing left but waste. …’

‘He’ thought he was spreading benevolent affections for everyone. Actually ‘He’ was a monster, a Leviathan.

Be seldom sitted on during the period of lockdown 2022 of Shanghai