Google CEO提到,对于AI的某些特征我们并没有完全理解

前些天,Google CEO Sundar Pichai在接受CBS News 60 Minutes采访时提到:AI的某些特征,例如神秘的“涌现(emergent properties)”,某种意义上其工作机理还是“黑盒”状态,我们并没有完全透彻地理解,正如我们并不完全理解人类的思想是如何工作的。当然,随着时间推移,我们对其的理解会越来越好。

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“…Sundar Pichai: That’s one part of it. One part is also so that we get the user feedback. And we can develop more robust safety layers before we build, before we deploy more capable models.
Of the AI issues we talked about, the most mysterious is called emergent properties. Some AI systems are teaching themselves skills that they weren’t expected to have. How this happens is not well understood. For example, one Google AI program adapted, on its own, after it was prompted in the language of Bangladesh, which it was not trained to know.
James Manyika: We discovered that with very few amounts of prompting in Bengali, it can now translate all of Bengali. So now, all of a sudden, we now have a research effort where we’re now trying to get to a thousand languages.Sundar Pichai: There is an aspect of this which we call– all of us in the field call it as a “black box.” You know, you don’t fully understand. And you can’t quite tell why it said this, or why it got wrong. We have some ideas, and our ability to understand this gets better over time. But that’s where the state of the art is.
Scott Pelley: You don’t fully understand how it works. And yet, you’ve turned it loose on society?
Sundar Pichai: Yeah. Let me put it this way. I don’t think we fully understand how a human mind works either.

Is artificial intelligence advancing too quickly? What AI leaders at Google say, CBS News

上述采访中提到的Bengali(孟加拉语),在Google最新大模型PaLM 2的预训练语料中,其比例只占了0.52%。

Source: PaLM 2 Technical Report, Google


P.S.,“涌现(emergent properties)”,莫非是超高维latent空间的“虫洞穿越”🤔😄


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