augmented humanity

最近经常出现思维短路的情形,是不是个人太依赖云存储了?自己的个人日程、笔记、参考资料都在云端。移动应用和云计算在带来‘augmented humanity’的同时,会不会让人自身的记忆退化?



This is no small vision, no tactical marketing ploy—it’s becoming a key part of Google’s picture of the future. In a speech last September at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin, Schmidt talked about “the age of augmented humanity,” a time when computers remember things for us, when they save us from getting lost, lonely, or bored, and when “you really do have all the world’s information at your fingertips in any language”—finally fulfilling Bill Gates’ famous 1990 forecast. This future, Schmidt says, will soon be accessible to everyone who can afford a smartphone—one billion people now, and as many as four billion by 2020, in his view.

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